Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thank you

Today I am full of gratitude for the hundreds of people from throughout the district, and beyond, who gave of themselves in support of my State Senate candidacy. While we came up short of our goal when all the votes were counted last night, I am immensely proud of the coalition we built and the campaign we waged.

During this campaign I had the privilege of getting to know thousands of voters and countless grassroots leaders in every corner of this wonderfully diverse district. What I saw inspired me beyond measure. Everywhere regular people stood up to say they cared about the future of local government in New York, investing their energies in fighting for change--no matter how tough the odds.

This energy fueled our campaign from start to finish. So many of you knocked on doors, worked the phones, made financial contributions and tapped the power of online social networks. Your efforts inspired no fewer than 8,000 of our neighbors to cast their vote in favor of our progressive, reform vision for New York.

I know that the fabulously diverse coalition that came together over the course of our campaign will continue to be a positive force in this community. We face mighty challenges in our district and in our state and national governments, and so undoubtedly our work must continue. I am more excited than ever to partner with you in this ongoing effort to make progressive change.

With immense gratitude,



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