Sunday, March 01, 2009

Yes We Can (in Upper Manhattan)!

I am thrilled to announce the formation of the “Barack Obama Democratic Club of Upper Manhattan”— the first new Deocratic club in a generation for Northern Manhattan’s 71st Assembly District, and the first in the nation named for our president.

The club will be dedicated to electing progressive candidates to local office, advocating for the needs of Upper Manhattan’s residents, and supporting the Obama administration in its efforts to advance a progressive agenda.

Local politics is where committed volunteers can have an immediate, direct impact on government. But it’s an arena in which far, far too few of our neighbors have been able to make their voice heard. Our club aims to change that, by reaching out to new voters, young people, and all those who until now have only thought about politics as something which takes place far away in Washington.

The Obama Club will of course be taking a stand on a variety of issues critical to our community: housing, schools, public safety, mass transit, parks, immigrant rights, jobs, marriage equality, and more.

But just as importantly, we will seek to put the Obama ideals into practice in our own community—through being animated by ideas, being honest about policy questions even when not politically convenient, and mobilizing citizens from outside the usual political structures to help determine the course of government in New York City.

The club will be up and running just in time to be a player in the New York City-wide elections this fall, in which there will be hotly contested races not just for mayor, but for comptroller, public advocate, Manhattan District attorney, and may local judgeships. And the political world is already taking notice of our potential (see coverage by Liz Benjamin of the Daily News here.)

You are invited to join us at our first general meeting, Thurs., March 12th, 7:00 pm, at the Armory--216 Ft. Washington Ave. (between 168th & 169th St.). Please RSVP to obamadems -at-

For more info, see our brand new website:


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