Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Parents rejoice: public toilet coming to 181st St.

New York may be the most advanced city in the world, but we're behind San Francisco, Paris, and many other places when it comes to at least one piece of infrastructure: public toilets. After decades of debate and drama, we're finally about to catch up. The City will soon start installation of 20 toilets on streets around the five boroughs in a pilot phase this fall, and Washington Heights has been selected as one of the target communities. At this evening's meeting of the Traffic & Transportation Committee of Community Board 12 (which I chair), we learned from the City's Dept. of Transportation that an Automated Public Toilet will be installed on the southwest corner of Wadsworth Ave. & Broadway. This will be a sleek, modern-looking structure built and managed by the same company which is installing the new bus shelters you've seen all around town. If you're curious to know what it will look like see:

Construction should begin by mid-October, so pretty soon they'll be no more mad dashes into the McDonald's when the little one REALLY has to go...


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