Wednesday, September 21, 2005

March for peace in DC

Hurricane Katrina has knocked Iraq off the front pages, but while Americans are focusing on a crisis closer to home, hundreds of innocent civilians have died in Baghdad in the last week alone. The need to change course in Iraq grows ever more urgent. And next Saturday you have a chance to do something about it.

If the false pretenses, incompetent execution, and exorbitant cost ($300 billion and tens of thousand of lives, including nearly 1,900 U.S. soldiers) aren't reason enough to end the U.S. military's role in Iraq, there is this: rather than producing security, our continued presence there appears to actually be fueling the mounting violence.

That's why an increasing large portion of the American public--even including many who supported the war at its outset--have concluded that it's time to bring our troops home. This is a view endorsed by no less than 52% of Americans in a poll released in today's New York Times. Our ability to put pressure on the Bush administration has never been

This coming Saturday, September 24th, residents of Upper Manhattan will be traveling to Washington, DC, for a massive national march calling for the immediate return of U.S. troops. (see Three buses will leave 179th St. and Broadway at 6am, returning that evening. Tickets cost $35 round trip, and $20 for those who cannot afford this. To reserve your seat, and for more information, contact Dave Dubnau at

I'll be there, and I hope you will join us in standing up for peace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mark. I'll be there!

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